Fall 2019 Swim & Dive Lessons

Registration begins August 5.

No classes November 25, 26 & 30.

If you have any questions regarding swim lessons please email Kayla Robinson at


Aqua Tots (Red Cross Parent &Child Aquatics Level 1) - Water is the perfect place to use some of that toddler energy. Throughgames, songs, and play, each parent works with their own child to encouragepre-swimming skills like kicking, jumping, reaching, floating, blowing bubblesand WATER SAFETY. It requires committed focus from the parents in the water. Classesare held in the 86-degree pool. This class is recommended for ages 6 mos.- 2years

Parent & Child 2-4 (Red CrossParent & Child Aquatics Level 2) - This class teaches blowing bubbles, floating, submerging,kicking, reaching, pulling, jumping from the side, listening to instruction andwater safety. . It requires committed focus from the parents in the water. Parents will be very active in the instructionprocess. This class is for children that have completed Aqua Tots and/or arevery comfortable in the water. Recommended for class children ages 2 to 4.

Pre-Beginner (Red Cross PreschoolAquatics Level 1)-This is the first class for children without their parents in the water. Toadvance in water skills children must learn to be comfortable with their facesin the water. Beginning water skills like blowing bubbles, floating,submerging, kicking, reaching, pulling, treading water, jumping from the sideand WATER SAFETY are emphasized. Classes are limited to 5 swimmers and they areheld in the warm water pool. To take this class children must be age 4 or havea recommendation from a Hartland Swim Instructor. They must also able to followdirections, and have developed an attention span that enables group learning.

Beginner 1 (Red Cross PreschoolAquatics Level 2) -Students in this class are comfortable with faces and heads wet, and will workon keeping themselves independently afloat with and without a lifejacket.They’ll be practicing reach and pull arms, kicking, floating, gliding, treadingwater, and underwater retrieval, all with a strong emphasis on SAFETY in andaround water. Classes are 45 minutes, limited to 5 swimmers, and are held inthe 86-degree pool.

Beginner 2 (Red Cross PreschoolAquatics Level 3) -Students are able stay afloat and move forward in the water independentlywithout a lifejacket. Typically, they can swim independent. They’ll be buildingon skills such as reaching and pulling, floating, gliding front and back, treadingwater, developing front crawl and an introduction to back crawl, all with astrong emphasis on SAFETY in and around water. This class is 45 minutes,limited to 5 swimmers, and taught in the 86-degree pool. It is recommended forswimmers who have passed Beginner 1.

Intermediate (Red Cross Learn to SwimLevel 1) - Alreadyable to swim on their own without a lifejacket and comfortable with their facesin the water, intermediate students are developmentally ready to learncoordinated arm and leg movement for the front and back crawl. Rotary breathingis taught and the major focus of this class. We also focus on building eachswimmers endurance as we work towards swimming the full length of the pool andbecoming comfortable in deep water. There is a strong emphasis on SAFETY in andaround water. This 45-minute class is held in the competition pool and classsize is limited to 5 swimmers. It is recommended that student has passed Beginner2/Red Cross Pre-Swimmer level 3.

Advanced (Red Cross Learn to Swim Level 2) - Focus is on refinement of the frontcrawl with rotary breathing and back crawl, emphasis on distance swimming, deepwater work and diving skills, as students’ become stronger their strokesdevelop. Development of elementarybackstroke. There is more emphasis on rotary breathing and building endurance.This 45-minute class is limited to 5 swimmers and is held in the competitionpool. It’s recommended that student have passed Intermediate/Red Cross level 1.

Level 3 (Red Cross Learn to Swim Level3) - Swimmers will bejumping into deep water and moving forward, treading water, doing kneeling andstanding dives, submerged glides, refining the front crawl with rotarybreathing and back crawl with an emphasis on attaining some distance. Theelementary backstroke will be refined. They will also be introduction to the dolphinkick, breaststroke kick and scissor kick. This 45-minute class is held in thecompetition pool. It is recommended that students have passed Advanced/RedCross level 2.

Level 4 (Red Cross Learn to Swim Level4) - Students willwork on the major strokes, front crawl, back crawl, elementary backstroke,sidestroke, breast stroke and butterfly, with open turns. They will be jumpingfrom the side in a compact or stride position, survival swimming, treadingwater and learning additional rules for safe diving. This 45-minute class isheld in the competition pool. It is recommended that student has had and passedRed Cross Level 3.