3. COVID Procedures

Dynamic Expressions’ COVID Procedures

Safety of our dancers, teachers and families is our highest priority. Failure to comply with procedures will result in removal from the program. We are here to have fun and keep each other safe.

  • If you or your dancer are not feeling well or think you may be coming down with something, please stay home. If given enough time, we could set up a Zoom session for your dancer to still Zoom with their class. If anyone does come in sick it has the potential to shut down the entire classroom. If a teacher is quarantined, all of those classes will become Zoom classes for that time.

  • ALL Dancers/Staff/Parents will be required to wear masks in the HESSC building. That includes outside and inside the dance studios, in the hallways, restrooms and the office.

  • One parent may accompany their dancer into the building and wait in the hallway. No siblings are allowed into the building at this time, please make other arrangements for them. Please bring your own chair to sit in as it helps keep things clean.

  • Teachers will take attendance for each class noting not only if dancers attended class but what square they were assigned to that day. Dancers taking multiple classes in a day will remain in the same square. We will also note who brought the dancer to class that day.

  • Dancers will need to bring their own reusable water bottle, dance bag with luggage tag, large towel or yoga mat for sitting or doing floor work, personal sanitizer is recommended. These items will come into the dance studio to keep dancers from entering/exiting more than necessary.

  • Dancers will need their own shoes. Loaner shoes will no longer be available. Dance shoes MUST be worn in the studio. Bare feet/Socks or Tights only/Street shoes will not be allowed as they carry the potential to spread germs. No dance shoes = No class

  • Dancers will maintain social distancing as much as possible. The studio will provide visual aids to help everyone with this. We are currently looking at no more than 8 dancers and 1 teacher per classroom. Each dancer will have an 8x8 foot square space to dance in. If dancers are going across the room, social distancing will still be applied.

  • Dancers must come dressed and ready to go. Restrooms will not be available for changing in. Please have your hair pulled back, mask on, bag ready to go and dressed appropriately.

  • Dancers/Teachers will use hand sanitizer on the way in and out of the classroom.

  • High touch surfaces (bars, walls and mirrors) may need to be cleaned during the break between classes and groups. We ask that dancers wait to enter the studio, until the teacher calls them in.

  • Teaching tools such as squishy friends, wands, circles will be used by one class/group of students and not used again until properly sanitized.

  • Dancers going into Studio A will use the senior center/dance entrance and Studio B dancers will be asked to use the main entrance doors. This will keep the two groups separated as much as possible.

  • If the state goes to phase 3, dance will close. Our goal is to have some sort of recital in May, as we get closer we will have a better idea of what that will look like. We will utilize the Band app again to send messages and videos of the dances for home practice.

  • These procedures will be updated as things change and go along.

Hartland Community Education COVID19 - RETURN TO PARTICIPATE Instructor Responsibilities

● Ensure you are healthy and check your temperature before activities with others

● Conduct all classes in compliance with state and local social distancing guidelines

Wear a face mask at all times

● Ensure all students are not sharing equipment or supplies

● Ensure all students sanitize or wash hands with soap and water before class

● Equipment will be sanitized after each class

● Instructors will take attendance and ask if the participant is symptom/fever free and has not been exposed to someone with COVID19 in the past 14 days and has not been sick for the past 3 days.

● Follow all CDC guidelines as well as those of your local health authorities.

● If exposed to COVID19 or develop symptoms, please notify Community Ed 810-626-2150

Parent Responsibilities

● Ensure your child is healthy, and check your child’s temperature before activities with others. If your child has experienced any feelings of being ill or any COVID-19 symptoms, do not attend class

● Only one parent will be allowed to attend class with the student and no siblings are allowed to accompany the parent

● Be sure your child has necessary sanitizing products with them at class

● Adhere to social distance requirements based on current state and local health requirements including wearing a face mask while the child is in class

● Do not assist your instructor with supplies before or after class

● Follow all CDC guidelines as well as those of your local health authorities

● If exposed to COVID19 or develop symptoms, please notify Community Ed 810-626-2150

Student Responsibilities

● Take your temperature daily and especially before activities with others.

● Wash hands thoroughly before and after class

● Wear a face mask at all times including arrival and departure of class

● Bring and use hand sanitizer with you at every class.

● Do not touch or share other student’s equipment, water, food or bags.

● Do not touch the instructors equipment,

● Practice social distancing, place supplies at least 6 feet apart.

● No group celebrations, high-5s, hugs, handshakes, fist-bumps, etc.

● Follow all CDC guidelines as well as those of your local health authorities.

● If exposed to COVID19 or develop symptoms, please notify Community Ed 810-626-2150

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